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People and Therapy

Plexus Healthcare is one of the UK’s top companies providing dedicated and professional occupational therapy services to the private market. We have great links with the voluntary sector, statutory services, and other healthcare companies. We have established a strong network across GB and is continuing to grow.

We provide a range of occupational therapy services including innovative rehabilitation case management to the insurance and legal sectors for people who have suffered serious or catastrophic injury.

All of our rehab case managers are clinical specialist occupational therapists, with extensive knowledge of managing complex rehabilitative and care needs both in public and private settings. Most of our therapists continue to work part-time in statutory services to ensure up to date and clinically relevant skills. This also enables them to have a great working knowledge of local NHS and social services for the benefit of our customers and clients.

Our Approach

During times of injury and illness we are all at risk of becoming passive and vulnerable to suggestion and opinion. It is often called the ‘white coat syndrome’. We have all experienced coming away from a consultation not feeling like we have got our point across. As medical professionals we are aware that we risk  ‘medicalising’ problems and creating dependency on services.

Since we have been working in the private sector providing clinical specialist input for many people with serious or catastrophic injuries we have been working very differently…click here to read more

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