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Our Therapy Experts

Our Therapy Experts

Our therapy experts have been sourced from the most experienced and qualified professionals. They have been selected due to their skills and knowledge in a variety of specialist areas of practice, ensuring the patient will always be seen by the most suitable occupational therapist.

See below details of some of our team members which demonstrates the calibre of our people.

  • Rob, Occupational Therapist

    Clinical Director for Plexus Healthcare; providing clinical management and innovation of services for private and statutory health market. Rob has over 20 years experience of working in health and social care with an expertise in complex neurological impairments and disability. Rob was the highest grade practicing Occupational Therapist in South west Essex prior to moving into the private sector and he has maintained strong links with statutory and voluntary services throughout Essex. Rob was the former Chair of Essex stroke OT network and is a regular guest lecturer at Essex University and member of Essex Acquired Brain Injury Steering committee.

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  • Natasha, Occupational Therapist

    Head of Clinical Services for Plexus Healthcare. Independent OT since 2013. 15 years’ experience in Acute & Community Care within Thurrock and South Essex localities, delivering specialist Palliative rehabilitation and End of Life Care, complex care needs assessments and intensive rehabilitation for the NHS and private commissioning. Intimate knowledge of Health and Social Care services within the Essex and Greater London areas, including housing services and care provider agencies. Close links with specialist private and voluntary sectors, including adaptation and equipment providers, hospices and charities.

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  • Penny, Occupational Therapist

    Head of Operations for Plexus Healthcare; providing leadership and innovation for private and statutory health markets. 15 years’ experience working with adults with physical and cognitive illness and/or disabilities. Specialising in complex disability management such as acquired or traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or complex palliative symptom management. Assessment of occupational impact and rehabilitation programmes in Mid and North Essex. Offers consultancy on service designs, reviews and training.

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  • Dan, Occupational Therapist

    Therapy lead for a North-East London Foundation Trust in South West Essex. 11 years’ experience working in Acute and Community NHS services, with additional experience of working with private and charitable agencies. Specialist knowledge of community services within the South East of Essex. Extensive experience of providing acute rehabilitation. Interventions for people with complex progressive conditions. Strong links with community services including long term and voluntary services.

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  • Tara, Occupational Therapist

    Independent Occupational Therapist with over 20 years’ experience in voluntary, statutory, charity and NHS provision. Specialising in adults and older adults with dementia, mental health problems, physical and sensory disabilities and complex needs. Currently involved in vocational rehab training programme for Purple (formerly Essex Coalition for Disabled People) on a consultancy basis. Rehabilitative Case Management, assessments for statutory and non-statutory agencies as well as occupational therapy for adults with complex needs to include acquired brain injury and neurological disorders.

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  • Annette, Occupational Therapist

    Current position – Advanced Specialist Occupational Therapist within North East London Foundation NHS Trust (part-time). Over 30 years’ experience working in Acute and community NHS care, providing intensive and long-term rehabilitation for people with severe and complex needs. Clinical expertise in working with long term services to slow stream rehabilitation programmes to facilitate recovery in severely impaired individuals. Extensive knowledge of statutory NHS and care providers within Essex and Greater London. Close working relationships with the voluntary sector.

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  • Jen, Occupational Therapist

    Over fifteen years of experience in acute and community settings; physical and mental health; vocational, stroke and neuro-rehabilitation; adults and children; palliative care, health and social services. Specialist knowledge in treatment for chronic pain and chronic fatigue, vocational rehabilitation and return to work rehabilitation. Currently provide occupational therapy input to clients referred by case managers. This includes vocational, stroke and neuro-rehabilitation, postural, seating and manual handling assessments and project management of adaptations.

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  • Marion, Occupational Therapist

    I have worked 43 years in the public and private sector. In Bucks, Beds, Herts, Berkshire, West London, Middlesex and Oxford. For case management companies, local authorities, education and in schools, the NHS, private hospital, individuals commissioning a private assessment and work place assessments. Neurological conditions for adults and children. Housing adaptations, minor works and specialist equipment. Moving and handling adults, children and loads. Extensive experience of working in the community. Design and implementation of individual rehabilitation programmes.

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  • Amandine, Occupational Therapist

    Over 12 years’ experience of working within multiple public and private health settings and in the community, in France and in the UK. Particular interest in Neurology and Mental Health. Current position: Locum Head Injury Advanced Practitioner at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. Worked in several Major Trauma and Neuro teams in West London and Oxford. Strong network of professionals in the statutory and voluntary services of these areas.

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  • Bridget, Occupational Therapist

    Worked for over 12 years in brain injury and stroke within the UK, currently based in the South East of England. Provided 5-day training in Saudi Arabia on Brain Injury and have lectured in RSA on SMART. Worked as multidisciplinary team leader in charity setting for 3.5 years (adult medical and neurological clients) before moving into private practice.

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  • Heidi, Occupational Therapist

    Over 20 years’ experience, with 17 years specialist in the field of adult neuro-rehabilitation, in a variety of settings from acute to community. Skilled holistic occupational therapy assessor, qualified AMPS (Assessment of Motor and Process Skills) assessor. Case management experience, co-coordinating services for clients with complex needs with neuro-disability or trauma. Experience in vocational rehabilitation, facilitating retaining and re-engaging employees, utilising specialist knowledge in overcoming barriers in the environment, or cognitive, physical and mental health issues.

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  • Richard, Occupational Therapist

    More than 20 years’ experience within acute and community neurology services, delivering complex and intensive rehabilitation programmes to adults and children. Specialist knowledge of Health and Social care services including non-statutory services within South and central London. Extensive knowledge and experience working with chronic neurological pain.

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  • Lauren, Occupational Therapist

    Over 15 years of health and social care experience in both public and private sector. Worked at senior and management level within the public sector. Specialist occupational therapist with strong general skills – including orthopaedics, medicine, surgery, spinal injury and neurorehabilitation. Experience of working across health and social sectors in various locations in North West England so familiar with services available for clients. Member of COT, British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM) and HCPC registered.

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  • Andrea, Occupational Therapist

    Over 20 years’ experience of Occupational Therapy in health and social care settings, with adults and children across the UK. Specialist experience of Neurology and TBI rehabilitation. Case Management experience. In depth knowledge of local statutory and private health providers including Nottingham charities.

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  • Colton, Occupational Therapist

    26 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist working throughout London and Sussex in Health and Social care sectors. Currently working in Barnet via Social Services as a Senior OT. Advanced experience with adult mental and physical health therapies, focussing on rehabilitation from a holistic approach to address the entire life needs. Specialist experience and interest in young adults with complex health and social situations.

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  • Mandy, Occupational Therapist

    18 years’ experience within health and social care, providing rehabilitation within Kent, Surrey & London. Highly specialist knowledge of rehabilitation for Neurological, Spinal and Palliative clients within statutory and private facilities, including work for the Ministry of Defence. Extensive experience of Vocational Rehabilitation with an in-depth knowledge of service providers within the Kent and Surrey areas.

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