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Plexus Healthcare provides highly skilled Occupational Therapists, to provide treatment in your own home at a time convenient to you.

Therapy in your own home, when you need it…

Plexus Healthcare provides highly skilled Occupational Therapists, to provide treatment in your own home at a time convenient to you.  So if your therapy has recently been withdrawn or you want a service which you have complete control over, then give us a call for a free consultation.

What is Occupational Therapy?

The role of Occupational Therapy is to return you to meaningful participation in your daily life following an injury or illness, which has resulted in disruption to many, if not all, of your day-to-day activities.

Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation focuses on evaluating all your difficulties: physical, psychological and emotional. The Occupational Therapist (OT) is able to look at your priorities and through adapting your activities is able to help you to perform at your greatest level of independence right from the start, and at every step of the rehabilitation process.

Neurological Upper Limb Assessments

Plexus Healthcare has a number of neurological occupational therapists with specialist upper limb skills. These occupational therapists are able to complete a brief single focus assessment for people experiencing upper limb impairments as a result of a neurological injury. These brief assessments solely address the function of the upper limb and the occupational therapist will make treatment recommendations regarding this injury only. These assessments are particularly useful post discharge from statutory services where an upper limb impairment remains, or following Botox therapy where occupational therapy input cannot be provided by the NHS. The occupational therapist will then be able to provide expert intervention (if appropriate) to enable you to maximise your upper limb skills, through the use of functional exercises, splinting and equipment.

Environmental Assessments

Plexus Healthcare has a large number of occupational therapists who have environmental and ergonomic specialisms, and can provide a quick home assessment for an individual to assess the need for equipment and adaptations. The occupational therapist will visit you in your home, complete a brief skills assessment with you and then assess your home and provide expert advice and information regarding the most effective equipment and adaptations for your needs. The occupational therapist will then provide you with a report with sources for the recommendations, which you can action yourself or you can commission Plexus to provide this service for you. This service is particularly useful when you are waiting for social care assessments which will result in you having to pay for intervention due to your assets being over the social care threshold, or when you wish to investigate equipment or adaptations which fall outside of the social care essential need remit.

Full Occupational Therapy Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of individual skills and needs, including personal care, leisure and work (where appropriate). In the context of your specific environment and situations. The development of a bespoke rehabilitation package to maximise quality of life and wellbeing.

“Helping you be you!”

Private occupational therapy assessments are payable in two instalments; an upfront fee, followed by a further fee for release of the report.


Occupational therapists consider the whole person when treating a client, we look at the individual’s ability to care for themselves, their job role and any leisure activities as well as the environment in which he or she does these.

Treatment is sometimes referred to as rehabilitation or reablement and there are many ways to provide this service. Depending on the cause of the problem, each person is evaluated and a treatment plan is designed to fit his or her needs.

Helping you at home…

Our Occupational Therapists provide comprehensive assessments of your environment in order to make recommendations on the best equipment and adaptations to help you. We can even purchase the equipment for you and fit it safely and professionally.  Plexus Healthcare can provide you with an expert therapist who can act as a case manager to support you in accessing essential services.

We can also provide individual training and support to enable you to support your loved one as effectively as possible after illness or injury.

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