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Why use Plexus Case Management?

At Plexus Healthcare, our case managers are occupational therapists, and their overarching goal is to make themselves redundant to the person they are providing their service to. This is because they are not providing the traditional case management approach of ‘sorting things out’ for the person, rather they are training the person to take on their own case management role through a graded therapeutic approach. This empowers the injured person to start to take control of their situation through clear and consistent weekly goals, appropriate to their skill level.

Case management needs to be done, so why not make it therapeutic? The occupational therapist’s skills in activity and task analysis enables the person to successfully complete increasingly more complex case management tasks until they reach their optimum performance level and where necessary the occupational therapist will develop compensatory measures for skills not obtained by the injured person.

The benefits of this approach are twofold, empowering the person to become their own case manager fits in with meaningful activity, after all, what is more meaningful to a person than to regain their life?  Furthermore, utilising case management as the occupational therapy intervention provides saving in both cost and time, with the ultimate goal always being self-reliance of the injured person. The best therapist they are ever going to meet, is the one looking back at them in the mirror.

We commit to:

  • The quick and successful resolution of the case management process
  • Clear and achievable evidence based goals
  • Open and honest communication with all parties
  • Utilising the skills and abilities of the rehab client to maximise their own recovery
  • Not doing or charging for anything that the client can do for themselves
  • Cost effective resolution, using statutory and voluntary services where appropriate.
  • A fixed fee pricing structure that is clear, simple and all-inclusive

We prefer to take joint instructions as we believe that this is the most beneficial way to handle the rehabilitation aspects of a person’s recovery. However if joint instruction cannot be agreed we do take single instruction from solicitors, providing funding is in place via an interim payment or other arrangement.


We have also developed a simple fixed fee all-inclusive pricing structure that incorporates both the rehabilitation and case management based on a traffic light system for the 3 phases of recovery.

Red is the initial phase, often intensive and lasting up to 3 months, that put in place essential care and systems to facilitate effective rehabilitation. If a client comes to us with their basic needs already met, they may not require the red phase and move straight into Amber.

Amber is where the real work (and fun) starts – this phase is about the person being able to move forwards, utilising the skills they have to maximise their daily function and building new skills to enable them to progress back to the life they were living (or as close as possible) prior to the accident. This phase can vary from 6 -12 months depending of the severity of the injury.

Green is go, go ,go – this phase is all about the client going forward with their new skills, knowledge and abilities to manage their own case with confidence. The case manager will be going out the door with the knowledge that their client is returning to the positive aspects of their precious life! This phase is a fixed 3 month programme of graduated withdrawal of OT intervention. This allows the person to consolidate their skills in a semi-supported environment before we let go altogether.

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