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Innovative and cost effective Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy services

Insurers and Solicitors

Why use Plexus’s Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist’s?

What is the SROT Service?

In many severe and catastrophic injury cases, traditional case management can be insufficient for an injured person’s needs. The changes in the injured person’s life are so great and wide ranging that to support someone from a distance can result in a disjointed approach which does not allow the injured person to fully engage within the rehab process, and thus take an extended period to be successful. The SROT service is particularly useful in these instances as it provides a highly specialist Occupational Therapist (OT) clinician to work with the injured person on a functional restoration programme and provide case management support during an intensive period of treatment. When working with catastrophic and severe injuries it is essential to get therapy in as soon as possible, hence our motto of THINK THERAPY FIRST. With the SROT you not only get that early specialist therapy intervention but because we are OTs skilled in activity analysis and management you also get the case management included. But we are NOT case managers so if a case requires more than 20% case management v 80% hands on OT we will always suggest a CM to work alongside us, if appropriate.

We commit to:

  • The quick and successful resolution of the case management process
  • Clear and achievable evidence based goals
  • Open and honest communication with all parties
  • Utilising the skills and abilities of the rehab client to maximise their own recovery
  • Not doing or charging for anything that the client can do for themselves
  • Cost effective resolution, using statutory and voluntary services where appropriate.
  • A fixed fee pricing structure that is clear, simple and all-inclusive

We prefer to take joint instructions as we believe that this is the most beneficial way to handle the rehabilitation aspects of a person’s recovery. However if joint instruction cannot be agreed we do take single instruction from solicitors, providing funding is in place via an interim payment or other arrangement.

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Client Information

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